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Subject Introductory note (Jean Woodall)*
Outline Thanks to the Panel we ought to open this up for discussion now. There has been a number of points raised. Jim McGoldrick has reminded us that our model of HRD tends to be very organisation-centred, but there are in reality many stakeholders. This is particularly important in the European context, where social partners are involved in this. Winfried Heidemann from the Hans Böcker Stiftung has given us evidence of new thinking about social partnership where traditional collective trade union framework agreements have moved in a new direction; he has reminded us none-the-less, we mustn't just forget about the organisation. And Ian Bennett has told us about the potential of information technology as an aid of assisting learning. So we have three tapes on lifelong learning in a knowledge based society; so I'd like us to try and keep up questions around these issues.
Note *HRD Chair at Kingston Business School, UK; Editor-in-chief, HRDI
Source Recording of the intervention made at the final session (plenary round table) of the HRD conference in Toulouse, May 2003 (see proceedings).
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