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In 1999, Ministers responsible for higher education from 29 European countries signed the Bologna Declaration. They agreed on important joint objectives for the development of a coherent and cohesive European Higher Education Area by 2010. These include efforts to promote effective quality assurance systems, to step up effective use of the system based on two cycles (undergraduate and graduate) and to improve the recognition system of degrees and periods of studies. 
More information on the Bologna process and related events can be found below:
> the Bologna process in a dossier provided by the E-Education-Europe Observatory

This initial overview is centred on Masters programmes (second cycle of higher education). The fields of study selected for this overview are related to a broad definition of European HRD. The progress in implementing Masters programmes in Europe is briefly documented. The directory (2004/2005) includes examples of Masters programmes according to the Bologna terms, supplemented by cases of International or European Masters programmes (e.g. MBA). The overview is underpinned by an analytical review of the evidence. An update on the discussion of issues related to the implementation of new Masters programmes concludes this presentation. 
Directory of HRD related Masters (Archive)

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Issues raised in connection with establishing the new Masters programmes were discussed at the round table
'International comparative analysis of HRD Masters programmes' at the International HRD Conference in Limerick, May 2004:
Proceedings of the round table, including a contribution on HRD related Masters programmes in Europe (Sabine Manning).

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