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The fields of study selected for this overview are related to HRD in a very broad sense (see also Areas of EHRD), in order to take account of the great range academic disciplines across European countries. The following working definition of HRD, suggested by Joseph Kessels (16.11.03), has been applied:

"higher education programmes that deal with learning, development and education in a corporate setting". 

For tracing these programmes in European countries, a variety of national terminology needs to be considered. As a starting point, key terms related to HRD according to the above definition have been compiled in several languages (English, French/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Spanish, and German). These are exclusively original terms found in the directories of higher education programmes, including those translations which have been used in the directories concerned (for instance in parallel versions for home and foreign students). No further translations have been added. 

Based on the initial evidence of Masters programmes offered across Europe, a pilot map of key terms has been compliled. This serves to identify the fields of study related to HRD in major European areas. 


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