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The map below offers several clusters of terms related to HRD. Each cluster is identified by a key term <> which provides a common denominator (specific to the language group concerned).  Within each cluster, equivalent terms found in different languages are presented by using the same line. All the terms directly related to HRD are printed in normal font; those terms which refer to broader or more distant fields of study are put in italics.
English French/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Spanish German
<Human resources/ Personnel> <Ressources humaines> <Personal>
Human capital management    
Human resource management (F) Gestion des ressources humaines/
(P) Gestão de recursos humanos
(S) Gestión de los recursos humanos 
Strategic human resources/ Human resource strategies    
Personnel management/ Management: People   Personalwesen/ Personalpolitik/ Personalmanagement
  (I) Direzione del personale
(S) Dirección de personal
  (S) Dirección de los recursos humanos/ Dirección en recursos humanos  
Human resource development (F) Developpement des ressources humaines Personalentwicklung/ Personale Entwicklung
  (F) Management des entreprises par les compétences  
Human resource performance    
Human resources (P) Recursos humanos  
Human dimension    
<Education/ Training> <Formation> <Bildung>
Continuing vocational training/ Continuing professional training (F) Formation professionnelle continue/ développement professionnel continu Berufliche Weiterbildung
Professional development     
    Betriebliche Weiterbildung
    Betriebliche Berufsbildung
Vocational education management   Berufsbildungsmanagement
Management of training and development     
Mentoring/ coaching    
Training and development    
Work and learning    
Fostering learning in practice    
Global/ local learning    
Adult education/ Adult learning   Erwachsenenbildung
Educational Policy and Management     
<Labour> <Travail> <Arbeit>
Labour studies (F) Science du Travail Arbeitswissenschaft
Occupational psychology    
<Management> <Management> <Management>
  (F) Compétences managériales/ Management des entreprises par les compétences  
Strategic Intelligence    
Career management    
Management of training and development     
Counselling/ Consultancy   Beratung
Leadership   Führung
Leadership assessment    
Leadership development    
Development leadership    
Entrepreneurial management/ Management of entrepreneurial sphere/ International entrepreneurship    
Management of people/ Managing people (in organisations)    
  (P) Gestão de empresas  
Management of organisations    
Management in the network economy    
Management of public services     
International management    
  (F) Management culturel et humanitaire  
Knowledge management   Wissensmanagement
Project management    
Communication management    
Management of processes    
Business administration    
Business administration: Strategy and culture     
Business intelligence    
Dynamic business contexts     
  (S) Dirección en organización   
Organisational behaviour     
Organisational change/ development    
Inter-organisational strategy/ change    
Organisational consultancy    
Organisational psychology    
Learning company    
Learning in organisations    
Knowledge in organisations    
  (I) Organizzazione e personale  
Innovation processes    
Global change    
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