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Subject Blueprint for a curriculum of a Master Study Course on VET and HRD
Source A Networked European University for Vocational Education and Human Resources Development
Philipp Grollmann, Nikitas Patiniotis, Felix Rauner
Bremen: Universität Bremen, ITB 2003 (ITB-Forschungsbericht 05/2003)
Abstract This publication is based on two papers which were developed in collaboration between the authors in the course of the EU-Commission funded project "Euroframe: Framework for Continuing Professional Development for VET Professionals". The first part of this document is the presentation of ideas concerning the establishment of a Networked European University for the education and training of VET and HRD Professionals and its possible implementation. The second one is a blueprint for a curriculum of a Master Study Course on VET and HRD, the Master of Professional Education (MPE). The papers are intended to serve as an input for the further discussion concerning the professionalisation of this important occupational group in a knowledge-based economy. They are also based - besides the work on the mentioned project - on the results of a number of research and development projects in which the authors were involved. 
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