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What is the state of progress in implementing Masters programmes as part of the Bologna process? The latest evidence can be found in the national reports submitted to the Bologna conference in Berlin, September 2003 (see website). The overview below is based on these data (referring to Masters programmes in general, without specifying HRD). 
Stage of implementation Country
Masters programmes have been part of the higher education system (prior to Bologna process) Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom
The first Masters programmes have been introduced (initial phase/ pilot programmes); a full-scale introduction is planned Austria, Belgium (Flemish Community), France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland
The introduction of Masters programmes has been planned Finland, Hungary, Romania
The introduction of Masters programmes is envisaged - no dates are given Denmark, Poland, Spain

Details of country implementation

  • Austria: 50% of all fields of studies as bachelor and master study programmes by 2006;
  • Belgium (Flemish Community): Implementation from 2004/2005 onwards; to be completed by 2011; 
  • Finland: The reform will come into force in August 1, 2005;
  • France: In 2002, an overall reform of the French higher education system occurred; to be completed by 2010;
  • Germany: Marked increase expected in the coming years;
  • Hungary: Gradual introduction; by September 2006 only the new type of programs should be launched;
  • Italy: Introduced in academic year 2002-2003;
  • Netherlands: Introduced in autumn 2002; accreditation as from this summer 2003;
  • Norway: most institutions have incorporated the new structure since 2002/2003; complete introduction by 2003/2004;
  • Romania: Starting with the academic year 2004/2005;
  • Switzerland: By 2005 comprehensive implementation concepts; by 2010 full implementation.
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