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In the review of debate issues are discussed, ideas exchanged, results evaluated, and new problems raised. The review of debate start out from ordinary environments of communication such as events (conferences or workshops), email exchange and informal comments. The form adopted for this online presentation is a collection of review units, each focusing on a selected issue of debate. Each review unit includes a brief outline providing the basis and context, a summary of debate, a reference to related sources, and the acronym of the event concerned. The units are output-led, i.e. not necessarily corresponding to the original flow of discussion. The statements and contributions, presented as 'direct speech', reproduce the original interventions in abbreviated form. Participants of the discussion mentioned in the review unit are identified by their initials (XX in case of unidentified persons). The review units can be accessed from either of the two pages below:
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The following highlights of debate on the European perspective of HRD, presented as proceedings of conferences, are available by special access:
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