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Issue Developing competences in types of organisations
Outline A study in the UK has revealed that the needs and opportunities of developing competences are closely related to the type of work organisation. While companies pursuing work-intensive/ Taylorist strategies tend to promote non-transferable skills, companies favouring multi-skilling/ anthropocentric strategies provide a context for encouraging cognitive skills, job enrichment and increased commitment.
  • The typology of organisations is useful for understanding the context of competence development. It would be an illusion, for instance, to consider team work taken on its own as a great chance of developing competences.
  • The transfer of employees between different types of organisations will pose problems for individual competence development.
Source Summary of debate related to the presentation by Jonathan Winterton on 'the role of work organisation in developing competence at work: a study of four work places in the UK'.
Event CEDEFOP/ INOFOR: Sintra June 00
Descriptors D-CDO  EP08          V01
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