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Issue Use of implicit competences
Outline Self-management of implicit knowledge and use of implicit competences have been analysed in a case study focusing on a Portuguese woman who wants to return to work. 
  • This case reveals the role of social structures and economic status in individual progression. 
  • The analysis distinguishes between implicit learning and learning from experience: there must be something which fits between implicit learning/knowledge and the person so that the person can recognise and use the implicit knowledge.
  • The case study exemplifies that learning starts out from life context and not only from work.
  • Women tend to be more occupied with life competences while men concentrate on work competences. Women can now capitalise on learning intensive work.
Source Summary of debate related to the presentation by Eduardo Figueira on 'self-management of the implicit knowledge: A case study'.
Event CEDEFOP/ INOFOR: Sintra June 00
Descriptors D-CDO  EP08          V05
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