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Issue Vocational identity
Outline In the framework of the project 'FAME - Occupational identity, flexibility and mobility in the European labour market' the following hypotheses are put forward [GL]:
1. Due to multiple social change the development and functioning of vocational identity has become unstable.
2. Vocational and occupational identity provide the basis for motivation and good work performance, commitment and quality.
3. Education, especially vocational education and training, are an essential source for the development of work ethics and vocational identity.
4. The specific strength of the European economy to win in global competition is the particular work ethics that identities can provide.
Debate Hypothesis 1:
[GH:] 'Change' is greatly exaggerated, e.g. for shop assistants there has been little change, even in highly industrialised countries like Germany; the earlier change of the industrial revolution, e.g. for farmers entering industrial cities, was more drastic than the recent introduction of IT in industry and administration. [MF:] There is also a difference between 'changing identities' and 'changing requirements'; important is the longitudinal aspect, i.e. the long-term formation and change of identities.
Hypothesis 2:
[PW:] How to explain the 'cause effect' relationship implied in this hypothesis? Isn't there an interaction? [GL]: The hypothesis refers to the socialisation effect. [JH:] How to capture the difference between vocational and occupational identity? [GL:] In the German concept of 'Beruf' the two are identical.
Reference Further reading: papers related to the project FAME, including Laske 2001 (European context), Dif 2001c / Dif 2001 / Dif 2000 (French context), Loogma et al. 2001 (Estonian context); other studies, in particular Brown 1997a (dynamic model of identity formation), Tomassini 2001b (models of evolution of professional identity).
Event ECER/ VETNET: Lille Sept 01: Symposium 'FAME'
Descriptors  D-CDO  EP05          V07
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