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Issue Evaluation culture in training centres
Outline Approaches to developing an evaluation culture in training centres have been explored in a French project. Each training college, participating on a voluntary basis, is asked to draw up an inventory of evaluation practice. This is to culminate in bundles of practice which will be made available for shared experience. The evaluation is expected to create knowledge in the process of developing a dialogue between the training actors. The underlying idea is that through reflecting on practice the training centres will learn how to learn.
Debate How can 'individualistic' teachers or trainers be involved? This may be achieved through putting emphasis on competence rather than disciplines, i.e. by promoting an action learning process.
Source Summary of debate related to the presentation by Bruno Thiberge on 'practice of evaluation as a means to develop learning'.
Event CEDEFOP/ INOFOR: Sintra June 00
Descriptors D-CVT            
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