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Issue Integrated delivery of continuing vocational training
Outline The integrated delivery of continuing vocational training, which has been piloted in Denmark, aims at building bridges between institutional learning and learning at work. This concept implies a new role for training institutions: they have to related their courses to the realities work, by engaging in a continuous dialogue with the stakeholders (enterprises and learners); in this process they develop into learning organisations.
  • The concept of integrated delivery extends the model which has been put forward by Barry Nyhan for learning organisations (linking work and learning by a common task) in that it adds a linkage between learning in organisational context and learning in public training institutions. 
  • (Theses:) An institution which wants to support organisational learning has to be a learning organisation itself. (Questions:) Do the training institutions have to be learning organisations? (Answer:) Look at them in 5 to 10 years time!
  • The concept of integrated delivery implies that key qualifications are dependent on the context of work/ that they are embedded in work. Key qualifications supported by integrated delivery include personal competences necessary in enterprises and organisational/ methodological competences.
  • Integrated delivery is linked with a complex of changes in the culture of public sector education and training: who are the motivators of these changes?
Source Summary of debate related to the presentation by Bruno Clematide on 'the integrated delivery of CVT'.
See also CVT Base (Integrated delivery of continuing vocational training in Denmark).
Event CEDEFOP/ INOFOR: Sintra June 00
Descriptors D-CVT  D-LO  EP04        V02
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