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Issue Facing organisational change
Outline [JoW:] During 2000, the IR and HM Customs and Excise piloted contextualised versions of the Management Standards developed by the Management Charter Initiative (MCI), with a view to their implementation throughout their organisations. Sixteen of these organisations were studied in depth to investigate the implementation and use of standards in management development within the organisational context. The results of the Inland Revenue project provide fresh insights into how best to implement competence-based management development.
(Source: Winterton, Jonathan; Winterton, Ruth. Implementing competence-based management development. Abstract in Conference Programme HRD Edinburgh Jan 02, p. 22)
Debate [XX:] You talked about the future being uncertain. I am wondering about the relationship between the approach in relatively stable organisations and the approach in those organisations where the future may be less certain.
[JoW:] The interesting thing is that historically some of the revenue collecting agencies have been very stable and predictable, certainly in the career structure. But this isnít the case any more, the situation is changing; this whole recognition has scared the life out of people in the organisations. Through our project we worked with a couple of building societies; they just discovered the internet to deliver services and the impact of that was transforming; they closed a large part of their branches, and certainly the social impact of that slowed the rate of advance (?). Those sort of changes are not usually understood within the sector that gets in many cases wiped out. Change comes from somewhere else, and thatís why it is very difficult to predict. Thatís why we figure that this frightens people and gets them to look what is happening elsewhere. We work with small high-tech companies in the Andora project; I couldnít tell you today how many of these organisations will still be there next week.
[GM:] Have you thought about how you move forward from individual to team, to organisation? Because itís not just about identifying the levels, itís how you link them. So you have got to conceptualise that.
[JoW:] Thatís the real trick to find a way of dealing with that problem. In the early work we did there was a high correlation between individual and organisation, as long as development is geared toward business strategy, as long as that link is there.
[BH:] About competencies: what is the proportion of 'generic' versus 'revenue specific' competences in your research findings? 
[JoW:] I would say that itís mostly generic competency, in so far as itís a mapping framework; you donít know what the functional competence might be. If you have this framework there is this generic bit that makes it easier to use a corporational approach and then an HRD manager can move from one organisation to the other without having to come back and learn the job again. Thatís why we are trying to move.
Event HRD Conf. Edinburgh Jan 02
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