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Issue Ethical dimension of knowledge in the learning economy
Outline [MT:] The learning economy has very open characteristics but it requires coherent strategies integrating issues such as ecology, social trust, ethics and the reconstruction of social capital (based on: Tomassini 2001k, p. 3).
Debate [NB:] This is about the ethical dimension of the learning economy. I am going along with the premise that knowledge is a tool which we ought to have more of in order to get competitive advantage. But I am going to say it' a very powerful tool, and like all tools it can be used for good or for ill. If we are going to develop a knowledge-based society we do need to have a parallel development of ethical norms to control the use of knowledge for good purposes.
In practical terms this does mean more regulatory mechanisms in the way in which people transmit or use knowledge. We need, for example, private legislation to ensure that people's private electronic records cannot be erased by other people. We need a whole new range of legislation which is anti-fraud to make sure that the knowledge that is available to the companies prevents them from engaging in massive fraud or unfair trading mechanisms. 
Event E&T Cluster: Fiesole Oct 01
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