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Issue Situated knowledge in organisations
Outline [MT:] Organisational contexts play a crucial role in creating and developing knowledge. Knowledge is situated in organisations and it is inseparable from practices that take place in organisations. A fundamental dimension of organisations is the coordination of distributed knowledge in order to perform collective problem-solving tasks (based on: Tomassini 2001k, pp. 1, 3).
Debate [AB:] About the issue of utilitarian versus intrinsic knowledge: What should be the relation of the learning economy to common sense knowledge, to the kind of knowledge that people gain in their everyday lives? How would we relate to the forms of knowledge that become institutionalised in certain communities and are considered to be basic codes of conduct? Are these considered to be frivolous? To what extent should society tolerate the pursuit of frivolous knowledge, 'silly', non-utilitarian, without use value?
[BB:] This is in response to the intervention about useful and useless (frivolous) knowledge. I have been 24 years in formal education, as an academic and then as an EU official, and I can now say that I didn't have to learn continuously in that time. Now that I am a free lancer and have set off my own business, I am in the new economy, and all the scientific concepts which we have discussed relate directly to my daily life situation. So there is continuous learning, there was the cycle of unemployment and training and employment work, I have the social cohesion problem, I am working with international teams at a distance, so I have to learn these skills every day: setting up a web page, organising my tax situation, fighting with the legal system and whatever. The only knowledge that is useful for my current work in the new economy is frivolous knowledge, and formal knowledge is outdated.
[MT:] Educational thinking is the old way of thinking, we live in a society where frivolous knowledge is important, our life is very much attached to the frivolous dimension; the school has of course an important part in that: we are committed to re-launch the school.
Event E&T Cluster: Fiesole Oct 01
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