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Issue Tacit and codified knowledge
Outline [MT:] Learning is related to both sides of knowledge: codified and tacit knowledge. Codified knowledge is easily transferable in information and can be transmitted through information technologies and infrastructures over long distances and across organisational boundaries. Tacit knowledge however cannot be easily transferred because it has not been stated in an explicit form; its transfer is extremely sensitive to social context. In this perspective, the learning economy is characterised by continuous drives towards codification, due to the expansion of infrastructures and ICTs which allow effective and low-cost transmissions of knowledge. But tacitness appears as the real key element for effective exploitation of innovative opportunities and abilities (based on: Tomassini 2001l).
Debate [YK:] The issue of tacit and codified knowledge came up in a company which we investigated. One of the measures for the management was a type of engineering knowledge, translating tacit knowledge into codified knowledge. There were knowledge adaptables, coaches, trainers and teams; they were appointed to document innovation. The problem was the codification; it couldn't present the actual reality of innovation. The documentation became a burden, the company put too much weight on that, which was counterproductive.
Event E&T Cluster: Fiesole Oct 01
Descriptors  D-KM  EP10          V12
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