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Issue Learning conditions in companies
Outline A mapping of learning conditions in companies has been carried out in Norway. This starts out from distinguishing between 'learning-restrictive' companies, typically employing low-skilled females, and 'learning-intensive' companies, mostly involving high-skilled males. The learning conditions include: 
- a large degree of exposure to frequent change;
- a large degree of exposure to great demand;
- managerial responsibility;
- frequent external contact;
- direct feedback on execution of work tasks;
- management support of learning;
- reward of proficiency.
  • The study supports the assumption that you need challenging tasks for learning. 
  • The question of what 'learning' is needs further analysis.
  • The study also underlines the relevance of change as a driving force for individual and organisational learning. 
  • Source Summary of debate related to the presentation by Helge Halvorsen.
    Event CEDEFOP/ INOFOR: Sintra June 00
    Descriptors D-LO  EP09          V04
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