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Issue 'Learning organisation' concept and European ethics
Outline The outcome of the FORUM work package 'Learning in learning organisations' is considered in the broader context of learning issues in Europe. 
Debate [AH discussant:] In the transnational discourse of the learning organisation there is a risk that a common image ('IT company Europe') is defined while differences between countries and groups of people are removed. This concept of a learning organisation identifies selected values, thereby challenging general values of learning. 
Researchers have a responsibility in how they engage in this discourse and enable the concept of Europe to become acceptable. We need a European ethics of research and education, considering what is good life, justice and caring; we also need alternative discussion platforms on work etc. in order to guard against the danger of ending up in a one-dimensional society.
Reference Further reading: Figueira 2001 (joint paper of the FORUM group 'Culture, values and meanings')
Event FORUM: Norrköping June 01
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