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Issue Learning bays
Outline Learning bays are an innovative model, introduced as pilots in German firms, for combining work infrastructure with learning infrastructure. They are designed to promote self-organised learning and working in teams, being available for both apprentices and skilled workers.
  • While the learning bays function well in innovative environments, they pose problems in neo-Taylorist environments, because the level of competences achieved is too high.
  • Recognition of the competences acquired in the learning bays is ensured for apprentices, as part of their qualification, but not as yet for employees (skilled workers). Recognition for the latter is up to the departments of personnel development. Evaluation of informal learning is still in its initial stage in Germany.
  • Companies influence the learning objectives in the learning bays: work contents becomes learning contents. What about the effect of short-term company interests?
Source Summary of debate related to the presentation by Peter Dehnbostel on 'new competences and key qualifications in the work process - the example of learning bays'.
Event CEDEFOP/ INOFOR: Sintra June 00
Descriptors D-WBL  EP09          V03
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