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The projects and networks considered for this overview belong to the broad field of HRD in Europe (see field of EHRD). They have been supported by EU programmes, mainly the Research Framework Programme (TSER/ FP5), furthermore LEONARDO and ESPRIT. More information about these programmes can be obtained from the info page on EU programmes. 

The EHRD Base provides an overview of projects which includes basic information about the individual projects and a survey of project results. This survey presents the outcome of major projects according to five common aspects: concept, trends, findings, practice and challenge (see structure of survey).  Outlines of selected projects were issued in a newsletter in 2002. A list of additional projects provides further updates on project activities in European HRD.

Overview of projects (Archive)
Information and survey of results
Newsletter (2002)
Outlines of selected projects
Additional projects (Archive)

As a follow-up, themes of latest projects related to HRD and VET are presented in the Research Monitor of the WIFO Gateway.

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