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A major component of the EHRD Base is the survey of project results facilitating continuous dissemination and exploitation of outcomes. The Survey is based on a modular framework which presents the outcome of the projects according to their specific subjects and five common aspects: 
Aspect Outline
1 = Concept Presenting a general definition of the basic concept(s) and interpretation of the issues relevant for the theme
2 = Trends Tracing the driving forces, phases and factors of development, particularly reforms and innovation, related to the theme
3 = Findings Establishing the evidence of empirical analysis related to major features, advantages and disadvantages, achievements and problems
4 = Practice Selecting examples of practical application and development, experiments and pilot projects, which are rich in experience
5 = Challenge Highlighting requirements and issues, recommendations and lessons of mutual learning, transnational stimulus for internal reform and a "European agenda"

The text units of the survey (survey units) provide major project results in the form of a synopsis, using quotations, executive summaries or edited passages, in each case approved by the authors concerned. The units include references which are linked to full-text sources.

The survey units for each project and aspect can be accessed via the overview

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