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Competence evaluation and training for Europe
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Synopsis The research results point towards the following trends in labour mobility:
  • levels of labour mobility within the EU have historically  been consistently low in general;
  • in-migration to the EU from ‘external’ countries has consistently run at a far higher level than inter-EU migration;
  • migration and labour mobility is inherently ‘localised’ in nature;
  • there is no evidence that these patterns will change dramatically over the foreseeable future (and that the mass diffusion of smartcard technologies will precipitate dramatic changes to these patterns);
  • developments in Internet-based technologies and interactive knowledge bases have significantly outstripped those in smartcard technologies, leaving the latter as a narrow, specialised technological metaphor  (Cullen 2001, pp. 5f.).
Reference The above developments are discussed in the context of project objectives and research results in the final report (Cullen 2001, pp. 12f., 23f.). 
See also project info on COMPETE.
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