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Competence evaluation and training for Europe
Concept Trends Findings Practice Challenge
Synopsis The following research results are part of the methodological discussion on skills and mobility:
  • employers are far more interested in how ‘soft’ skills and competences (such as ‘personality’, ‘experience’ and ‘cross-job skills’) are represented than in how formal qualifications are accredited and ‘cross-walked’ across different European occupational and skills classification systems;
  • companies (particularly those involved in the rapidly-evolving ‘knowledge industries’) have a real need for skills that facilitate ‘just-in-time’ learning; the development and utilisation of ‘organisational memory’, and the incorporation of client feedback;
  • the relationship between skills and social exclusion is complex: training is but one element (albeit an important aspect) of this relationship, and there is a need for a more comprehensive (and more contextualised) set of tools to support skills development for socially excluded groups (Cullen 2001, pp. 12f.).
Reference Research results are further outlined in the final report (Cullen 2001, pp. 23-25). 
See also project info on COMPETE.
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