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Competence evaluation and training for Europe
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Synopsis The following cases of ABN AMRO and IBM highlight practical issues of employability and skills development in organisational contexts:
    Management of competencies and derived variants are core issues in HRM developments. In both the IBM and the ABM AMRO cases re-designing the processes of ‘sales’ and ‘support to customers’ was prominent in the last decade. This re-designing was done to respond better to the needs of the market and the company. In both cases, inventories were made of required and available competencies. The personal competence profile of each individual is used for skills development purposes and for career development. To keep the individual employee optimal employable is the major challenge. 
    A lot of organisations (including the ABN AMRO and IBM) are involved in competency-oriented HRM, as well as (as an implication of the first) in competency-oriented training- and development trajectories for individuals and groups in the organisation. Organisations determine in the first place their core-competencies and on the basis of this competency-profiles are developed. These competency-profiles are then translated to individual functions (see commercial functions in the Dutch bank). 
    However, evidence in practice shows that the introduction of such competency-systems should be incorporated in a larger system of HRM whereby line-managers are coached in the use of these systems. Furthermore, one of the dangers of competency management is that it can lead to bureaucracy. If competencies have to be determined on the basis of a ‘grass-roots’ model, a lot of paperwork is involved. A major point of attention here is to limit this exercise to the very basis of it (Cullen 2001, pp. 50f.).
Reference Further examples of company practice are taken up in the results of the case studies summarised in the final report (Cullen 2001, pp. 43-53). 
See also project info on COMPETE.
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