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Controlling in continuing training at enterprises in European comparison
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Synopsis Practice in the Netherlands shows that implementing sector-based training agreements poses a real problem for companies, especially small ones. Recognising this problem, industrial companies are developing specific instruments to ease the implementation of vocational training and continuing training. Two types of instruments can be differenciated:
(1) instruments which are used to make the training on offer in the relevant sector more transparent for employers and employees and to encourage the target group to make use of what is on offer. Starting points for this are the following: catalogues with courses, the employment and training consultants, promotion programmes and the provision of assistance for companies which want to establish a training plan.
(2) instruments which bring the training on offer closer to companies, e.g. by holding courses in the companies, by setting up regional training centres and by moving training courses out to the regional training centres (Krekel et al. 2001, p. 19).
Reference See also project info on CONTROLLING.
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