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Controlling in continuing training at enterprises in European comparison
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Synopsis A central objective of controlling in the field of corporate continuing training is to demonstrate the benefits of the training efforts so as to legitimise the training expenses and to take decisions on future training programmes. An important database can be created for this by using indicators. At the moment, a systematical determination of the essential figures for corporate continuing training can, however, only be found in relatively few companies in the countries examined here. The increasing of transparency in the area of continuing training using indicator systems and the development of practical instruments to ascertain benefits may, in future, be seen as the great challenge in the introduction and continuing development of training control in European companies (Krekel et al. 2001, p. 49).
Reference The issue of establishing and applying indicators is further analysed in the project publication (Krekel et al. 2001, pp. 46-48).
See also project info on CONTROLLING.
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