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Title HRD & LLL
The role of HRD within organisations in creating opportunities for life-long learning: Concepts and practices in seven European countries
Concept Trends Findings Practice Challenge
Synopsis Glimpses of HRD practices in learning oriented organisations, compiled as part of the project, are related to the following areas:
(1) interventions aimed at organisational learning, including practices with regard to making an inventory of competences in the organisation, to improving knowledge sharing, and to linking learning processes and training policy to business needs;
(2) interventions aimed at team learning, in particular at creating time during work for team learning, at stimulating and supporting teams in realising business improvements through learning, and at creating groups for knowledge sharing;
(3) interventions aimed at individual learning, including tutor and coaching schemes to support individual growth; tools to monitor individual learning needs and to make individual development plans; management development programmes; tools and schemes to help employees outline and design their own development process; special programmes aimed at stimulating knowledge sharing, either by using employees as trainers or by improving general communication skills; and training systems to support job growth (Horst et al. 2000, pp. 39, 57, 65).
Reference The details of the interventions mentioned above are set out in the practitioner's book on 'glimpses of changing HRD practices in learning oriented organisations throughout Europe' (Horst et al. 2000).
See also project info on HRD & LLL.
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