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Title HRD & LLL
The role of HRD within organisations in creating opportunities for life-long learning: Concepts and practices in seven European countries
Concept Trends Findings Practice Challenge
Synopsis The research shows the need for a clearer status of HRD within HRM and for significant improvements of HRD tools, techniques, types of interventions, self-assessment of goals and results. Such a status and improvements should be based on further growth of important issues, such as:
- self-awareness of possibilities and limits of HRD function by the side of its members;
- up-dating of professional skills, especially regarding the interpretation frames of the evolutionary realities in which HRD activities take place.
The crucial precondition is that HRD functions should increase their strategic orientation in order to being involved in strategic processes. HRD professionals are challenged to continuously evaluate and redefine their activities in order to meet these strategic requirements. However, these rather strategic aspects have not been investigated in detail so far  (Tjepkema et al. 2000a, p. ix).
Reference Further issues and requirements are set out in the conclusions and policy implications (chapter 5) of the final project report (Tjepkema et al. 2000a). 
See also project info on HRD & LLL.
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