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Title IFC
Further training funds as an impulse for new models of lifelong learning: Integrated funding concepts
Concept Trends Findings Practice Challenge
Synopsis It is important that further consideration is given to the learning gap. We need to consider how it is defined and the limits to the public and private interventions that are already in play in the training market. Understanding the drivers that guide expenditure, the involvement of individuals and businesses and results obtained from lifelong learning will help develop improved approaches to the funding of lifelong learning and the integration of the employed and unemployed to the benefit of both groups.

A principal problem remains regarding the measure of the socially desirable investment in education and training, both national and that of enterprises. In this vein, one of the most recent European initiatives relating to the long-term strategic development of national human resources has been the introduction in the Netherlands of compulsory vocational qualification for all, including employees, with the cost of this to be shared equally by the government and relevant industry sectors for example as a different funding system (Uhrig et al. 2000, p.5, 6 ).

Reference The development of approaches to the funding of lifelong learning is a major theme of the final report (Uhrig et al. 2000). 
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