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Education and training, new job skill needs and the low-skilled
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Synopsis This project addresses the unprecedented change that has overtaken the lowskilled on the European labour market: the gap between the earnings of the low-skilled and the higher-skilled has widened, resulting from large real wage gains at the top of the earnings scale and stagnant real wages at the lower end of
the distribution; the low-skilled are increasingly likely to experience spells of unemployment - in particular long-term unemployment. The causes of the deterioration are structural, unlikely to be removed simply as a result of improvements in economic growth. The changing situation of the low-skilled on the labour market has therefore turned out to be a pressing social, educational and economic problem. Based on an investigation of the processes and factors of this change, the project aims to put forward some principles which could underpin a platform for learning which could be promoted throughout Europe to help raise the potential of those with low or no qualifications on the labour market (McIntosh 1999, p. 4). 
Reference The final project report (McIntosh 1999) goes into the methodological issues of investigating the changing situation of the low-skilled on the labour market in an interdisciplinary approach.
See also project info on NEWSKILLS.
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