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Education and training, new job skill needs and the low-skilled
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Synopsis Industry and occupation reveal some interesting skill patterns of training. In Germany and France, the industries and occupations with the highest training rates are typically manual and traditionally low-skill, such as construction, wholesale/retail trade and hotels and restaurants with respect to industry, and craft workers, shop workers and agricultural workers in terms of occupation. In the Netherlands and the UK the same industries and occupations emerge as frequent trainers, but they are joined by more professional, high skill industries, such as finance, health/social work and education, and occupations such as professionals and technicians or associate professionals. In Sweden in particular, and to a lesser extent in Portugal, it is the latter, professional industries that dominate in terms of their training rates (McIntosh 1999, p. 39).
Reference Practical issues in tackling the problems of the low-skilled are addressed under challenge
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