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The effectiveness of labour market oriented training for the long-term unemployed
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Synopsis Research literature on the training of the long-term unemployed suggests that the background characteristics of the trainees are related to the effectiveness of the training programmes.  At the same time, the selection procedures and criteria used by employers in hiring personnel are of influence on the extent to which former long-term unemployed will be able to find a job, once they have finalised their training. Concerning the former, various research projects (in the Netherlands, but in other countries as well) have shown that in training courses with a mixed population (short- and long-term unemployed, women re-entering the labour market, and those who participate on behalf of retraining), the long-term unemployed have the smallest chance to conclude the course successfully, while women re-entering the labour market and those participating on behalf of retraining, are the most successful. These differences in success are partially explained by the relatively lower level of prior educational attainment of the long-term unemployed. Ethnicity and the length of the unemployment period, prior to enrolment in the training course, also appear to be of influence, certainly on the outcomes. The longer the period of unemployment prior to enrolment, the smaller the chance of finding a job once the training is concluded. Also ethnic minorities have a smaller chance of finding a job after the training has been finished; it might be that in this case ‘discriminatory creaming’ plays a role (Brandsma 1999 , p. 5).
Reference The final project report (Brandsma 1999) starts out from a review of research on long-term unemployment and related training, including major trends of development, based on numerous sources.
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