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Work process knowledge in technological and organisational development (Thematic Network)
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Synopsis The striking feature of the new ways of organising manufacturing and services is that they assume that workers at all levels in an organisation - not just the management and staff in the firm's research laboratories - are continually learning, and exchanging their knowledge with co-workers. For in today's competitive business environment, the lifetime of the knowledge base for manufacturing and the delivery of services is shorter, and so continual learning becomes necessary throughout the whole organisation. We see evidence in labour markets of more demand for intellectual skills - for system controllers instead of manual workers, for critical thinkers instead of employees who prefer to follow routine. And because there are no jobs for life any more, the demand is for people who can take responsibility for managing their own learning careers. 
    The knowledge base required by the modern industrial employee has broadened. Previously, it was limited to the knowledge needed to get the job done - and this was usually a narrow job, which the employee could expect to carry out in much the same way for years on end. But today, many employers are seeking people who understand the whole of an enterprise's operation, so they can work more flexibly. The knowledge requirement for much contemporary work includes understanding the context in which the job is done: where it fits into the organisation's operations, and where it fits into the national/international business in which the employer is engaged. (Boreham et al. 2000a, pp. 9, 10).
Reference Further aspects of the technological and organisational developments related to changes in working practices are discussed in the final report (Boreham et al. 2000a, pp. 7-10). 
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