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Work process knowledge in technological and organisational development (Thematic Network)
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Synopsis The European Employment Strategy, with its pillars of employability and adaptability, provide a point for the application of the insights gained in the WHOLE project. Based as it is on detailed field studies in a wide range of actual employment situations, the project is potentially valuable for developing the Guidelines further, and for focusing on issues that need detailed examination when the National Action Plans are evaluated annually within the Luxembourg Process. 
    More specifically, the results of the WHOLE project impact on the debate between social partners about the relationships between qualifications and competitiveness. Many employers believe that because of changes in the nature of work, competence must be developed in the workplace, that flexibility and adaptability should become the key skills underlying competence and that the employers should deal directly with employees in developing their competences. However, as this report shows, such a strategy is not without its costs, and a broader debate on competence development is needed involving both sides of industry.  (Boreham et al. 2000a, pp. 77f.).
Reference Further policy implications of the project are discussed in the final report (Boreham et al. 2000a, pp. 75-). 
See also project info on WHOLE.
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