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Information about the EHRD Base presented in this introductory section was prepared in the initial period 2001-2002 (Fifth Framework project), with additions being included in the years up to 2005 (collaboration with UFHRD). The resources of the EHRD Base (see left column) were developed between 2001 and 2005, followed by targeted updating (in particular the sections Debate, Perspectives and Who's who). Some of the resources were replaced by new editions after 2005 (Programmes and Projects). [SM 5.9.07]

The EHRD Base, intended to offer high-quality information on human resource development in Europe, emerged as part of an accompanying measure (AM) coordinated by the Research Forum WIFO Berlin and supported under the Key Action "Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base" of the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission. 

The EHRD Base is being developed in collaboration with the University Forum for HRD (UFHRD) and a broader network of European experts in human resource development (EHRD Network). This network involves experts from EU projects and their partnerships, and from related organisations concerned with HRD. The EHRD Base is designed in a modular structure, covering a broad field and major areas of HRD in Europe.

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