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The EHRD Base (Resource base of a research project cluster related to human resource development in Europe) is being produced and maintained as part and follow-up of an Accompanying Measure within the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission under Contract No HPHA-CT2000-00053 (1 June 2001 to 30 September 2002). The intellectual ownership of the EHRD Base belongs to the contractor WIFO (Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. Berlin). The copyrights are shared between WIFO and the Commission. Individual contributions to the resource base are the property of the authors concerned. The authors are free to publish or use their contributions in any other context. 

The contents of any page included in this resource base may be reproduced and quoted without permission provided that its source is acknowledged (citation of the title, author/editor and web address). The design and structure of this resource base must not be reproduced under any other ownership. 


The producers shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the information contained in this site.

Update 22.08.2005

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