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Who's who

The EHRD Base has been developed in collaboration with a broad network of European researchers (EHRD Network). In this context the University Forum for HRD (UFHRD) has become a major partner in promoting developmental work for the EHRD Base. After the completion of the Accompanying Measure in Autumn 2002 initial steps were agreed between the UFHRD and the Research Forum WIFO to maintain and further develop the EHRD Base and Network. 

Current activities

The following activities have been planned for the period January to December 2004
Preparing the proceedings of the conference at Limerick (May 2004), focusing on the roundtable "International Comparative Analysis of HRD Masters Programmes", to be published on the website of the EHRD Base by the end of July 2004 collaboration with all contributors;
Extending the EHRD Network and mailing list to include a growing number of HRD experts from continental Europe, in particular those related to offering Masters programmes collaboration with Joseph Kessels and Monica Lee;
Maintaining the EHRD Base as a whole, with particular updates concerning events (conference page), experts (who's who and networks page) and major publications (catalogue of references);
Supporting the UFHRD/EURESFORM orientation towards Masters programmes in continental Europe by developing a new section of the EHRD Base, centred on a directory of European Masters programmes - collaboration with Joseph Kessels and John Walton;
Keeping contact with the informal working group of UFHRD Board members who may give advice on the further development of the EHRD Base and Network - members: Jim Stewart, John Walton, Monica Lee, Joseph Kessels and Rick Holden.

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