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The resources in the EHRD Base have two characteristics: they cover a broad field of HRD and they focus on the European perspective. These characteristics also determine the choice of descriptors which are used for identifying and retrieving individual resources in the base. The following two groups of descriptors have been defined:

Descriptors related to major areas of HRD in Europe
These descriptors can be viewed in a semantic map of the major areas of HRD in Europe.
D-CDO Competence development in organisations/ occupational identity formation
D-CVT Continuing vocational training/ continuing professional development (both related to organisations)
D-HRD Human resource development/ human resource management/ HRD professionals
D-KM Knowledge management/ work process knowledge/ knowledge sharing
D-LO Learning organisation/ learning network/ learning region/ organisational learning
D-WBL Work-based learning/ work-related learning (focus on employees rather than trainees) 

Descriptors related to selected issues of the European perspective of HRD
These descriptors are fully described in the section on issues of the European perspective of HRD. 
Descriptor Issue addressed by the descriptor
EP00 European perspective of HRD (overall features)
EP01 National employment and training patterns shaping HRD
EP02 Tackling the problem of the low-skilled in the work force
EP03 Specific HRD strategies in medium/ small organisations
EP04 Adjusting continuing training to organisational flexibility
EP05 Notion of 'flexible worker' challenging 'professional identity'
EP06 Changing role of HRD professionals (from trainer to consultant)
EP07 Sharing responsibility for HRD between professionals, managers and employees
EP08 Shift from skill building to performance improvement and competence development
EP09 Integrating work and learning in organisations
EP10 Knowledge sharing as both managerial and participatory approach

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