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The resource base (EHRD Base) has been developed in collaboration with a network of experts in European HRD (EHRD Network). 
The basic concept of this collaboration has been derived from studies on knowledge intensive networks which emphasise the interrelation between resource and action: the resources can only function and unfold their impact if the actors competently relate to them in their work, thereby continuously reproducing the resources. The interaction between the EHRD Network and the EHRD Base is oriented towards mutual benefit for all participants and unrestricted public use. 

The EHRD Network includes experts from EU projects and their partnerships (see projects), from related organisations concerned with HRD in Europe (see associations) and from the wider community of European researchers in HRD related areas. A large part of the network members are included in the who's who in European HRD. 

>  The EHRD Network had 480 members from 34 countries (mostly European) in 2006 - see table and figure
>  Statistical evidence on the EHRD Network was also presented in two studies about European research communities [2002] [2005

A mailing list has been set up for facilitating communication between the coordinator and the members of the EHRD Network. While this electronic medium provides the basis for continuous exchange within the whole network, various events (conferences, seminars, workshops) are used for intensive face-to-face communication. 

>  A questionnaire on communication in the EHRD Network was carried out in January 2005 - see summary of results.

Information for the network members is now disseminated via the Newsletter for European Research in Learning and Work [L&W Newsletter].

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