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The index below shows the themes of reviews considered for the Finnbase. The Finnish themes are based on brainstorming with colleagues of the Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä; the themes related to other European countries have been selected from the publications of the partnerships POST-16 STRATEGIES/ SPES-NET, INTEQUAL/ DUOQUAL and of related projects. New entries are specially marked. For further information on this index please click:
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Country  Theme of measure Type of measure Author: review Author: comment New Code
Austria WIFI Academy courses and Berufsreifepruefung Reform: national Monika Thum-Kraft     AT-01-C7
Austria Post-secondary vocational studies: Fachhochschulen Reform: national Stefan Humpl Kristiina Korhonen   AT-02-C5
Czech Republic The principal branches of  study in Czech secondary education Reform: national Petr Vicenik Matti Kyrö >>> CZ-01-C1
Denmark The national quality programme for VET Reform: national Soeren P Nielsen Olli Poropudas >>> DK-02-C7
Denmark "Open youth education" and the present agenda Reform: national Soeren P Nielsen Ulla Numminen >>> DK-01-C7
Finland The curriculum reform of vocational education in 1995 ("Core curriculum") Reform: national Marja-Leena Stenström Pekka Kämäräinen   FI-01-C1
Finland Flexibility in curricula for personal study programmes (> Core curriculum and > Youth education experiments) Pilot projects: local; Reform: national Ulla Numminen Soeren P Nielsen   FI-05-C1
Finland Dually oriented qualification (# Youth education experiments) Pilot projects: local; Reform: national Maarit Virolainen Sabine Manning   FI-02-C7
Finland Inter-school cooperation/ personal study programmes (# Youth education experiments) Pilot projects: local; Reform: national Paivi Vuorinen David Raffe   FI-04-C4
Finland The AMK (polytechnic) reform  Reform: national Kristiina Korhonen Jörg Markowitsch   FI-03-C5
Finland Work-based learning: practical assignments Pilot projects: local; Reform Johanna Lasonen Fernando Marhuenda   FI-06-C5
France The Vocational Baccalauréat Reform: national Jean-Louis Kirsch/ Henri Eckert Marja-Leena Stenström   FR-01-C7
Germany "Double qualifications" within the dual system Pilot projects: regional Rainer Bremer/ Werner Kusch Sirkka-Liisa Kärki >>> DE-01-C7
Greece Promoting vocational education in the present reform Reform: national Nikitas Patiniotis     EL-02-C6
Greece The Integrated Multivalent Lyceum  Reform: national Stamatis Paleocrassas     EL-01-C7
Italy Masterplan for integrated system of education,  training, research and technologies  Reform: national Claudia Pasti     IT-01-C6
The Netherlands National qualification structure for vocational education Reform: national Trudy Moerkamp/ Elly de Bruijn Raimo Mäkinen   NL-01-C6
Norway Reform 94: the 2+2 scheme and institutional collaboration Reform: national Kjell Andersen Paivi Vuorinen   NO-01-C6
Portugal The "Programme of Support for the Integration of Youth into Active Life" Reform: national Lourenco Frazao/ Teresa Oliveira
Fátima Santos
Kauko Roycola   PT-01-C6
Spain Social Guarantee Schemes Reform: national Fernando Marhuenda Johanna Lasonen >>> ES-01-C7
Sweden Reform of upper secondary education: dual  qualifications and work assignments Reform: national Göran Arman Annikki Mikkonen >>> SE-01-C7
UK: England GNVQ Reform: national Alan Brown Maarit Virolainen   En-01-C7
UK: Scotland The Higher Still reform of post-16 education Reform: national David Raffe Matti Taalas >>> Sc-01-C4

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