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Guide for contributions

How can we collaborate efficiently in writing and exchanging contributions to the Finnbase?
Below you find details of the procedure using HTML format.


What is the basic pattern?


Team work at the initial stage is focused on writing reviews. The Finnbase provides a template for these. The technical basis for sharing this template is to use Netscape 4.5 for both access to the web site and exchange of email. The template of the review can thus be included in the email message for direct writing and revising. Alternatively the review can be prepared and saved in Netscape and then attached to any emal. This 'template message' will be exchanged, to start with, between the editor (Sabine Manning) and the individual author. The filled-in review will then be put on the web site to be available for the team. From there it can be further developed and exchanged.
How to prepare for email exchange in Netscape 4.5? Click Edit/ Preferences/ Mails & Newsgroups and put in the following options:
  • Mail Servers: Incoming mail:
  • Mail Servers:Outgoing mail:
  • Mail Servers/ Edit/ POP: x leave messages on server
  • Message Formatting: x use the HTML format...
How to receive and return a 'template message'? When a message with the subject "Review:..." (or other agreed title) is announced by your automatic messenger, proceed as follows:
  1. open your Netscape mail box
  2. click "Get Msg"
  3. open message (eg by clicking it)
  4. click "Reply"
  5. put in or revise text  (see "How to write...")
  6. click "Send".
How to write and revise text in the template? Put the 'template message' in the Reply modus. You may now write directly into the template. Alternatively, you may put in text copied from a Word document or web site and adjust the format if required.
How to extend or revise a review available on the web site? When  you have the web page in front of you, there are the following possibilities:

(A) compose a revised page and send it by any mail

  1. click "File"/ "Edit page"
  2. put in or revise text in the table (see "How to write...")
  3. click "File"/ "Save As" OR click the icon "Save"
  4. enter a file name (html file)
  1. attach this file to an email (like an ordinary document)
  2. fill in the Subject of the message: Review code
  3. send this email to editor (SM)
  1. click the icon "Preview" (showing your file)
  2. press the right button of your mouse
  3. click "send page"
  4. send this email to editor (SM)

(B) copy the page/table into an email within Netscape 4.5 and revise it there

  1. click "File"/ "Edit page"
  2. mark it by pressing Ctrl+C
  1. click "File"/ "Edit page"
  2. click into the table
  3. click "Edit"/"Select Table"
  1. copy page or table by pressing Ctrl+C
  2. open the mail box 
  3. click "New Msg"
  4. paste the page into the message by pressing Ctrl+V
  5. put in or revise text  in the table (see "How to write...")
  6. fill in the Subject of the message: Review code
  7. send to editor (SM).
What to remember?
  • Add the initials of your name and the exact date at the end of each entry (in brackets).
  • Only modify text written by yourself.
  • Help the editor by following the agreed format and style of text.

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