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=> Country codes
=> Thematic triangle of the reviews 
=> Structure of clusters
=> Codes for reviews
=> Types of 'measures'

Country codes

The reviews are identified by their country codes (plus running number).

AT Austria ES Spain LU Luxembourg
BE Belgium FI Finland NL The Netherlands
CH Switzerland FR France NO Norway
DK Denmark GR Greece PT Portugal
DE Germany IE Ireland Sc Scotland
En England/Wales IT Italy SE Sweden

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Thematic triangle of the reviews

The reviews are arranged in seven clusters which are situated in the thematic triangle of major aspects of analysis: Curriculum/ learning, Education system and Labour market. The conceptual basis for this triangle is provided in the study by Lasonen & Manning (1999a). The structure of the clusters is set out below.

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Structure of clusters

A cluster is identified by its position within the thematic triangle below.

Curriculum/ learning
Education system
Labour market
Curriculum/ learning
2 Education system
3 Labour market
4 Curriculum/ learning and Education system
5 Curriculum/ learning and Labour market
6 Education system and Labour market
7 Curriculum/ learning and Education system and Labour market

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Codes for reviews

The code for each review is composed of three items (example below):

Country code
Number (by country) 
Cluster code

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Types of 'measures'

The following types of 'measure' are distinguished across countries: 

Reform Major change based on governmental decision
Promotive action  Governmental regulation or implementation of change in a broader context of reforming or piloting.
Reference to the context is indicated by (>...).
Pilot project  Innovation on an experimental basis with public (plus private) support 
Initiative Action of change promoted by public or private organisations 

A complex measure may be broken down into 'sub-measures'.
Reference to the whole measure is indicated by (#...).

The measures are further characterised by three dimensions:
local, regional and national.

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