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Who's who in European VET and HRD research

The Directory of Professional Contacts (DPC), maintained by the Research Forum WIFO, serves as a Who's who: It offers up-to-date information on more than 200 contacts across 30 countries in the field of transnational European VET and HRD research. Each person included in the DPC is both a producer of transnational research and a transnational networker. The criteria for selection, pattern of information and references for the Directory are set out below. The information on the professional contacts can be accessed via the country map. The country refers to the contact's place of work. Attached is an alphabetical index of all professional contacts included in the Directory.

Country map
Access to information on professional contacts by country
[total number of contacts for each country added in brackets]

Australia [4] 
Austria [8]
Belgium [3]
Canada [1]
Cyprus [1]
Czech Republic [1]
Denmark [6]
Estonia [5]
Finland [11]
France [5]
Germany [47]
Greece [4]
Hungary [5]
Ireland [4]
Italy [4]
Lithuania [1]
Malta [1]
Netherlands [12]
Norway [6]
Poland [3]
Portugal [7]
Romania [2]
Slovakia [1]
Slovenia [3]
Spain [4]
Sweden [7]
Switzerland [9]
Turkey [2]
United Kingdom [42]
United States [4]

Europe/ International [3] 

Index of professional contacts A-Z

Criteria for selection: The professional contacts included in the Directory have been selected according to activities in transnational European VET and HRD research which match at least one of the following criteria:

Pattern of information: The information on each professional contact in the Directory is arranged as follows:
  • Last name, first name(s)
  • Email address
  • Personal information on a web page
  • Name of the organisation of work
  • Home page of the organisation
  • Reference to activities (details see below) 
Reference to activities: For each professional contact, the Directory provides a reference to relevant activities. The following keywords are used to indicate the type of activity and the related web resource which includes information on the contact's activity in transnational European VET and HRD research: The web resources listed above have been developed over a long period of collaboration. They cannot, however, be regarded as complete. Colleagues are therefore welcome to provide further data relevant for this Directory, with regard to their professional activities!
Set up: 31.07.2012
Last update: 29.11.2018
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