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The Directory presents about 140 doctoral dissertations from 16 European countries (see Index of countries). The dissertations selected for this Directory cover the interrelated field of learning and work, particularly including the areas of human resource development (HRD) and vocational education and training (VET). The complete details of the individual dissertations are presented in the Directory (arranged by author).
   The major objectives are to identify new research topics and to present the researchers involved. The subjects of dissertations may be indicators of evolving research strands (see Thematic overview). The authors of dissertations, whether junior or senior researchers, may include (future) promoters of the research community. And the tutors, who supervise the dissertations, often play a key role in developing schools of research within the professional community. 


> Directory: Dissertations - detailed presentation, arranged by author
A - C
D - F
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> Index: Countries - countries of tutors' institutions *)
> Overview: Themes - dissertation subjects grouped by thematic area *)

*)  Each index includes the authors' names as major reference to the Directory.


The following terms of reference were defined in the above calls: Information on expected or newly completed Doctoral dissertations in the area of learning and work (HRD, VET and work related adult education) in European countries - according to the pattern below:

                                 1 - Author (name and email address) 
                                 2 - Theme of dissertation (original language AND English) 
                                 3 - Year of (expected) completion or publication 
                                 4 - Tutor (name and email address) 
                                 5 - Institution (name and home page) 


This Directory has been developed in collaboration between the Research Forum WIFO and two major networks: the European Research Network in Vocational Education and Training [VETNET] and the University Forum for Human Resource Development [UFHRD]. 
   The first edition of the directory appeared in July 2007, followed by annual updates and additions, bringing the collection up to 58 dissertations in 2010. The second edition was released in March 2011 (reaching a total of 100 dissertations), followed by an update and extension of data (about 30 additional dissertations) in May 2011. There has been continuous updating since, supported by calls for data issued via the L&W Newsletter (www.news.wifo-gate.org) and information provided by professional contacts. 

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