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This is the latest update of the Directory, presenting about 110 examples of current Masters programmes in 23 European countries. The programmes selected for the Directory cover the interrelated field of learning and work, particularly including the areas of human resource development (HRD) and vocational education and training (VET).

The main interest of this Directory is (a) to trace the evolution of Masters programmes as part of the Bologna process, and (b) to identify and map the themes of Masters programmes against the general background of European research activities related to learning and work.

Alongside the presentation of Masters programmes by country, the Directory offers a thematic overview of programmes, in combination with a regional map highlighting thematic areas by country.


> Programmes by country - detailed presentation of Masters programmes arranged by country
> Thematic overview - titles of Masters programmes grouped by thematic area
> Regional map - themes of programmes arranged by country and region


The first edition of the Masters Directory was published as part of the EHRD Portal (Programmes), in collaboration with the University Forum for HRD, in 2004. Since the second edition (2006), a broader field of learning and work, related to the thematic areas of HRD and/or VET, has been applied (see L&W Newsletter No 2007/01). The third edition of the Masters Directory was released in June 2008 (see L&W Newsletter No 2008/03), followed by updates of individual entries, with particular attention for European transnational programmes. Alongside continuing programmes, a set of new entries (based on a questionnaire) were included in the fourth edition (October 2010). Since the fifth edition (2011/2012), the whole spectrum of programmes has been updated at regular intervals.


The main source of information for each entry is the individual programme home page, supported by information obtained from professionals involved. The data collection is based on the following sources: 

  • Questionnaires and calls for updates sent to over 1000 professionals across Europe;
  • Websites of university centres of research and teaching related to the field of learning and work;
  • European and national directories of Masters or higher education programmes.
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Last update: 02.06.2014
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