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Masters programmes arranged by country

The detailed information on Masters programmes can be accessed from the map below. The links lead to the country pages concerned. The total number of programmes for each country is added in brackets.
Austria [5]
Belgium [1]
Bulgaria [1]
Cyprus [1]
Denmark [5]
Estonia [1]
Finland [4]
France [4]
Germany [21]
Greece [2]
Ireland [3]
Italy [2]
Lithuania [2]
Malta [1]
Netherlands [6]
Norway [5]
Portugal [4]
Romania [1]
Spain [8]
Sweden [4]
Switzerland [3]
United Kingdom [25]

Europe [1]

The entries in the country directory follow a common pattern:

  • Institution (name and home page)
  • Title of Masters programme
  • HRD/VET related component (within broader programme)
  • Information on programme (home page) 
  • Language of instruction
  • Contact (name and email address)
The programme theme is provided in the original language, accompanied by an English translation where required (Original/ Translation). The following abbreviations are used in the directory:
MA - Master of Arts
MBA - Master of Business Administration
MEd - Master of Education
MSc - Master of Science
MSS - Master of Social Science
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