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Sharing information among European researchers in vocational education and human resource development

Editor: Sabine Manning

The Research Forum WIFO has set up several mailing lists in order to support the sharing of research information among European experts. These lists have emerged in the course of WIFO's  involvement in collaborative European VET and HRD research related to various networks, particularly VETNET and the University Forum for HRD, to EU programmes and Cedefop activities. The members included in the WIFO mailing lists are active researchers and professionals at European level, and therefore involved as both providers and disseminators of information. 

The following mailing lists are currently in operation:

The mailing list of the Newsletter for European Research in Learning and Work [L&W Newsletter], which is intended to disseminate first-hand information provided by WIFO on European VET and HRD research, including news on networks, conferences and seminars, web-based resources, projects and publications. T

The mailing list for Professional Contacts related to the Directory of Professional Contacts [www.dpc.wifo-gate.org]. These are themselves involved in various networks and partnerships in the broad field of  vocational education and human resource development in Europe. Announcements and calls of wide interest, received by WIFO, are forwarded to this list.

The EHRD mailing list, used for disseminating information related to research and professional work on human resource development (HRD) in Europe. This list is a follow-up of the former network of European HRD (see EHRD Portal),  also including participants in the annual international conference on HRD research and practice across Europe (see home page of the UFHRD). 

The mailing list for VETNET, the European Research Network in Vocational Education and Training (see vetnetsite), has been set up in collaboration with the VETNET Board - see VETNET mailing list

The mailing list for PhD contacts refers to doctoral students or young researchers included as authors in the European Directory of Doctoral Dissertations [www.ddd.wifo-gate.org]. 

All WIFO mailing lists are closed lists operating within the professional community concerned. The email addresses included are only used for this purpose and are not passed on to any third party. For further details see our privacy policy: Data Protection. Please contact the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org) for additional information.

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