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  Issues of VET and HRD in Europe (Archive)
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Analysis of research activities
WIFO-08 [page] [PDF]
VET and HRD research in European countries
Profile of national research: A comparative analysis (2008)
WIFO-07 [page] [PDF]
Linking Educational Research Activities across Europe 
A review of the WIFO Gateway to Research on Education in Europe (2007)
CEEC-07 [page] [PDF]
Issues of HRD and VET addressed in Central and Eastern European countries 
An analytical overview of current R&D projects (2007)
Mapping-07 [page] [PDF]
Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
Thematic patterns derived from a project analysis (2007)
Mapping-06 [page] [PDF]
Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
Issues arising from an institutional analysis (2006)
E-H-Conf-05 [page] [PDF]
European research communities in VET and HRD
Comparison of two annual conferences (2000 to 2004)
CEEC-05 [page] [PDF]
European network activities of VET and HRD
Involvement of CEEC researchers (1995 to 2005)
HRD-Conf-05 [page] [PDF]
Conference on HRD research and practice across Europe
Trends in participation, community development and thematic profile (2000 to 2004)
Networks-04 [page] [PDF]
European research networks in vocational education
Analysis of participation and network relations (1995 to 2003)
Themes-04 [page] [PDF]
Thematic profile of European research in vocational education
EU projects and VETNET ECER papers in comparison (1995 to 2003)
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Proceedings of discussion >>> Index of participants
2RT-06 [page 1/ 2] [PDF]
Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
Two round table sessions 2006 (Tilburg/Geneva)
Tilburg-06 [page] [PDF]
The future of HRD research
Closing session of the HRD conference in Tilburg 2006
ECER-05 [page] [PDF]
Current issues of European learning and work
Selected sessions at ECER VETNET 2005 (Dublin) 
Leeds-05 [page] [PDF]
Selected issues of HRD in continental Europe
Round table at the HRD conference in Leeds 2005
ECER-04 [page] [PDF]
'Action research' and a VET framework of innovation
Round table at ECER VETNET 2004 (Crete)
Limerick-04 [page] [PDF]
HRD Masters programmes in Europe
Round table at the HRD conference in Limerick 2004
ECER-03 [page] [PDF]
Methodological approaches in European projects
Round table at ECER VETNET 2003 (Hamburg)
 Toulouse-03 [page] [PDF]
Theory, policy and practice in lifelong learning
Round table at the HRD conference in Toulouse 2003
ECER-02 [page] [PDF]
The European perspective of HRD
Symposium at ECER VETNET 2002 (Lisbon)
Edinburgh-02 [page] [PDF]
HRD Practice: A comparison of European and US models
Session at the HRD conference in Edinburgh 2002
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