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Details of the present edition

The present edition of the Directory is based on requests for information sent to pre-selected contacts (514) between October 2008 and June 2009. Only those contacts who provided information in response to these requests (171) are included in the Directory. Below you will find the pattern of information on each professional contact, followed by the criteria of selection, a list of the relevant professional activities and finally a note on updating. Specific information on the field of VET and HRD is available on the 'Areas' page of WIFO Gateway.

Pattern of information

The entries of professional contacts in the Directory follow the pattern set out below (only the terms printed in bold type actually appear as headings in the Directory). Both the 'contact details' and the 'professional profile' are based on the responses by the professional contacts. Additional information on the professional activity relevant for the inclusion of the individual contact in the Directory is provided by the editor (see explanatory note on relevant professional activities).

Contact details 
        Last name, first name
        Email address 
        Organisation of work
        Home page of the organisation [Home (o)]
        Personal home page [Home (p)]

Professional profile
        Position at work
        Professional functions
        Areas of expertise 
        Specific research interests

Relevant pofessional activity
        (see explanatory note)

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Criteria of selection

The basic principle of selecting 'professional contacts' has been to identify people who both have a profound knowledge of VET and/or HRD research themselves and are interlinked (as 'nodes' of networks) with many researchers and other experts in this field, whether at European or national level. According to this principle, the following criteria have been applied in pre-selecting professional contacts for the first edition of the Directory: 

  •  People carrying out coordinating activities related to major European associations or networks (board members), journals (editors) and projects (coordinators) in the field of  VET/HRD research (see Selection); incl. experts in European VET/HRD from outside Europe who have been involved in major collaborative research activities at European level;
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Relevant professional activities

Based on the criteria of selection set out above, the list below presents the professional activities that are relevant for the inclusion of  contacts in the Directory ('Relevant professional activities'). Both the short terms and detailed descriptions are provided, followed by references to the sources concerned. Central Eastern and Southern European countries are referred to as 'CEE/SE countries'.

Author (CEE/SE countries only): related to articles/papers published since 2005 in HRD proceedings, VETNET proceedings and/or selected journals (see Selection: Journals and series);

Board member/ Convenor (coordinator) (all countries): related to selected European associations and networks (see Selection: Associations and networks);

Chair of Masters programme (CEE/SE countries only): related to the WIFO Directory of Masters Programmes (;

Editor (all countries): related to selected journal or series (see Selection: Journals and series);

Member of editorial board (CEE/SE countries only): related to selected journals (see Selection: Journals and series);

National contact (all countries): contact persons on VET/HRD research which are included in the national research reports prepared by members of the Cedefop ReferNet in 2006 (see Bibliography); (for CEE/SE countries in addition): Members and associated experts of the national ReferNet consortia;

PhD tutor (CEE/SE countries only): Tutor of PhD students included in the WIFO Directory of Doctoral Dissertations (;

Project coordinator (all countries): related to selected projects (see Selection: Projects);

Project partner (CEE/SE countries only): related to selected projects (see Selection: Projects)

Specific involvement in European activities (selected contacts from outside Europe)

Bibliography of national research reports (Cedefop ReferNet)
Selection of European and international associations, journals and projects

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NOTE: The Directory will be updated every year, on the basis of renewed requests for information. In between these periods, only vital changes (email addresses in particular) will be presented in the online version. All contact persons are welcome to send details of any changes to the editor (
Editor: Sabine Manning 
Set up: 22/10/2008
Last update: 01/08/2009