VET and HRD research in European countries

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This resource base sets out to present a European landscape of national research in vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD), covering 25 EU countries. It offers a profile of national research, related to selected activities, in comparison between the countries. 

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This profile is based on a comparative analysis of national reports which were prepared by members of the Cedefop ReferNet in 2006 and subsequently published by Cedefop in the European Training Village (see Reference below). The main information provided by the national reports can be looked up in an overview of VET and HRD research, arranged by country and activity. 

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Both the Profile and the Overview are structured according to seven aspects, which match each other and correspond to major sections used in the national reports. 

In addition, the resource base offers a directory of professional contacts available for first-hand information on VET and HRD research in the EU countries. This directory includes both national contacts selected from the Cedefop ReferNet reports and European contacts compiled from WIFO resources. 

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Bibliographical details of the national reports and of further studies related to this resource base are compiled in the reference section.

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